Rocket Fuel

Rocket Fuel

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Fortified Wild Mead with Fruit Brandy

ABV: 16.5%

Rocket Fuel is Garagiste's first soirée into fortified meads which are pretty uncommon in the United States. A collaboration with Ology Brewing in Tallahassee, together they made a mead using a medley of boysenberries, red currants, tart cherries and apricots along with some banging honey, then fermented it with a mixed culture fermentation. Simultaneously, their friends at Ology Distilling made a brandy with the same fruits. The brandy was distilled to 140 proof then added to the mead. The resultant mead clocks in at a whopping 16.5% ABV. Bright fruit, some sweetness as you’d expect and some very interesting depth from the brandy. Dangerously drinkable.

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