Noble Cider

In May 2012, three friends sat around wondering why Asheville, North Carolina didn’t have a local cider company with apples growing thirty minutes away. With a solid vision and a few thousand dollars between them, they decided to become cider makers! Starting lean forced them to be creative. Building a homemade apple press allowed them to begin the journey of Noble Cider.

Noble's mission is to craft delicious products using premium, real ingredients. They believe that there is no substitute for real fruit, local honey, or natural botanicals. From traditional to modern ciders and mead, Noble makes a full range of styles for every palate.

Not only does Noble use quality ingredients, they grow some of their own. In partnership with nearby Lewis Creek Farms, Noble is grafting and growing true cider apple varieties. Founded in the new 'Craft Brew Mecca' of Asheville and North Carolina's apple country, Noble brings together a rich local history of agriculture with this region’s exciting craft beverage industry.