Lickinghole Creek

Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery is Virginia's award-winning Farm Brewery, located on 290 pristine acres in Goochland County, Virginia, USA. They love to make innovative, premium beers for beer lovers. Sometimes it's hard to find, because they don't have those fancy machines where you push a button and beer just comes out. Small batch flavor and "hard-to-come-by" are just by-products of the craft, ingredients and care that goes into each brew.

Lickinghole Creek grows a lot of our own ingredients, including wheat, barley, hops, berries, and pumpkin. What they can't find, they source from local farmers or from global farming communities in need. Lickinghole Creek is a global steward of good water—unlike most breweries in the world, they sustainably source their own water from onsite wells, returning processed wastewater to the Lickinghole Creek watershed. All this takes time, of course. And if that's not enough of a time killer for you, many of their beers are aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels for up to 6 months.

The brewery's name pays homage to Little Lickinghole Creek, which runs through the farm's rolling hills. Since precolonial times the creek has been known as the Lickinghole where wildlife stopped to drink from the nourishing waters. May the tradition continue.