Garagiste Meadery

Garagiste Meadery is a Tampa, Florida-based meadery creating internationally award-winning meads using source-certified and locally-produced honey & other ingredients.

Garagiste Owners Chad and Sarah Wiltz started with humble beginnings as home meadmakers in 2015. In early 2016, they decided to make their project into a legitimate business. The original concept was a side job of sorts: they would make mead after their day jobs. In April the pair launched a crowdfunding campaign to get started. The campaign closed a month later, making Garagiste Meadery the largest publicly funded meadery in history by a wide margin.

After some soul searching, Chad and Sarah decided to turn Garagiste Meadery into a full-time enterprise with a tasting room. As the Meadery came together they felt the impetus to get better. Thankfully, some great meadmakers embraced them and helped refine Garagiste Meadery to become a world-class meadery.